September 11, 2019

Prepping for MVP Launch!

Travis Fischer @saasify

I've been hard at work the past few months, both on the open source side of Saasify, as well as working on the proprietary backend and SaaS client templates.

I'm at a point in the development now where I'm really trying to focus on launching an initial MVP.

My go-to-market roadmap is as follows:

First, launch several standalone SaaS API products. These are all built on top of the Saasify platform, but they will look to the end user as though they're their own, self-contained company, each with their own URL, landing page, docs, etc.

This is truly the platform's first launchable MVP.

The goal here is to show the flexibility and power of all the different types of SaaS APIs that you can build on Saasify. Just like with Shopify, the first version will feature individually hosted and self-contained SaaS websites.

Another goal of this step is to gain feedback on the usability of the individual SaaS APIs from real developers. I'm not expecting to get a lot of traffic on these initial APIs, but there should be some and that'll be great for maturing the core platform that they're all built upon.

Second, launch a real marketing site for Saasify itself as a platform. This will feature the previously launched SaaS product pages as examples of what you can do with the platform but will be more focused towards makers, eg developers who want to launch and monetize their own functionality.

This step is quite a bit more involved than the first because even though I can use the developer tools internally to deploy, launch, and customize SaaS APIs currently, it's very rough around the edges and I'll need to make sure the developer experience and documentation are really solid before releasing it to the wild.

This step is also where the majority of the value potential is created by launching the platform itself. My hope is that other OSS developers will resonate with Saasify's goal of facilitating OSS sustainability and try out the platform with their own unique & interesting projects.

This is also the point where I would like to start seriously networking and considering raising a seed round and/or applying to startup accelerators.

In the meantime, an additional goal of this stage is to continue launching additional SaaS products. A core hypothesis of mine is that most SaaS APIs won't necessarily find many customers, but in the aggregate only a few APIs need to find product / market fit for the platform as a whole to be successful.

Third launch the Saasify marketplace as a shared community of standardized FaaS that any developer can use from any language.

This is definitely the most ambitious and potentially powerful step and represents the culmination of Saasify's true MVP as a cohesive platform.

More to come on this in a future post...! 🥰

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