September 11, 2019

YC On-site Interview!

Travis Fischer @saasify

I was really excited and surprised to learn that Saasify had been selected for the final round of on-site interviews in Mountain View, CA!

The process itself was pretty nerve-wracking, but I prepared as best I could by practicing my pitch and answers to common questions and doing practice interviews with former YC alumni.

The on-site interviews are known to be rather intense, 10-minute, rapid-fire style Q&A with a panel of YC partners. My interview, fwiw, was less intense than I had feared and how some of the practice interviews were, and the interviewers did a great job of making me feel at ease, especially as a solo founder.

Most teams had at least two people and about half had 3 or more, so it was definitely an additional level of intimidation going in there by myself. This is just one of the hats I have to wear, though, and in the end I think I did a pretty decent job of representing the what, how, and why behind Saasify.

Ultimately, they decided not to fund Saasify this round with the main reason being the lack of progress on the product itself which is totally understandable. They definitely gave the product idea itself a lot of validation and some really on-point advice in terms of go-to-market strategy and business model.

Overall, this has been an extremely beneficial and valuable learning experience for me and has really helped me to flesh out some of the rough areas around Saasify that are outside of my core engineering / product competencies.

Since 40% of YC companies that get accepted have applied multiple times, I'll definitely be looking to re-apply next Fall!

Thanks for the great experience and advice, YC peeps! 💕

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