September 11, 2019

Changed the Message. Kept the Product


A quick update on our progress. We've recently shared our product vision with different people in different communities to hear their feedback. We've confirmed that our idea is viable but too wide to start with. As a result, we decided to narrow it for a while.

Initial State

Problem: People can't afford or pay to much for third-party service to develop and grow their SaaS products.

Marketing Message: SaaS Tools & APIs at 100x Lower Price

Target Customer: Developers and Product Teams

Product: Web-based platform that can deploy popular product alternatives to your AWS account.

Current State

Problem: React developers can't or waste too much energy to build a scalable backend for their React app.

Marketing Message: Scalable Backend on AWS for React Developers

Target Customer: React developers building SaaS products and facing troubles to build a backend for their apps.

Product: Web-based platform that can deploy essential backend APIs to your AWS account and seamlessly connect them to React components.


We are actively implementing our MVP and it goes quite well. As you can see, in essence, we didn't change our product. So, we might come back (or extend) to our original idea a bit later.

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