September 5, 2019

Reflection: A day after our first public step


Being a team of developers working on our product MVP, we decided to stop coding for a while and start talking to potential users. We made a landing page prototype and shared it with the IH community to gather some feedback.

The initial post:

The numbers:

  • IH post views: 186
  • IH post comments: 11
  • IH post upvotes: 8
  • Unique landing page views: 30
  • IH product account followers: +1
  • Twitter account followers: +0

The feedback from the IH community:

  • Our English texts are not that good.
  • People want to see our app screenshots.
  • We offer too many services.
  • Fears regarding reliability and security.
  • Fears of unexpected expenses.
  • What if our services are down or break.
  • It's not clear that our services are auto-scalable.
  • It's not clear what features each service has.

Further actions planned:

  • Make proofreading of our texts a part of the process.
  • Conduct a survey to decide on what we should cut in our product.
  • Conduct a series of surveys to pick the most important product features.
  • Introduce an expenses calculator and make it a part of the landing page.
  • Start blogging about the technical aspects of our product to show our technical expertise and gain trust.
  • Update the landing page to address the questions a reader has.

P.S. any extra help/suggestions on the topic are highly appreciated :)

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