November 25, 2019

First beat

Anton.Tyk @fixmax

Hi, indie hackers!

It's time to tell you a little about the new and useful service that we recently released to the world.

In short, SaleBeat provides an excellent opportunity for monitoring, analytics, assistance in the sales process and improving results.
But due to what? You need to understand how helping this or that tool.
And I have an answer!

If you are not the first day in the sales business, you know how important it is for all salespeople to adhere to a common sales script, otherwise, you will never achieve stability in your business. And all the time you will need to manually manage sales.

Now you can simply put control on the autopilot and receive daily (and not only;)) reports on the results.


But how else can sales be improved and more importantly how to sales can be stability?!
Now we are working on a new feature that will allow us to analyze which routes led to a successful closing of the transaction and which ones to a failed one. So that you can analyze for what reasons this is happening and with what “objection” you need to work to get the best result. Moreover, after improving the sales script, it will improve immediately for everyone in your team! What is not less important.

Well then go ahead! Check how it works.

P.S. Please respond in the comments. Do you know about the Telegram messenger? Are you using it? And if so, how convenient would it be to receive the latest notifications about your sales and tasks in the messenger?

Thanks for answers.

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