December 5, 2019

I see everyone ... ٩(- ̮̮̃-̃)۶

Anton.Tyk @fixmax


Today I’ll tell you what it means to be a caring Founder;)

Do you know how the founder usually sees his clients?
Numbers ... and ... graphs ... and ... numbers ...

I want to meet customers as if they were ringing my doorbell.
Unfortunately, this is not possible, but I get a message about EVERY (!) Registration.
Seriously! You can check. Unsubscribe here in the comments immediately after registration and I will answer so that it will immediately be clear that I am meeting you :)
Or maybe I'll write the first one and you will recognize yourself in the comments;)

I would really like to communicate with everyone personally, but I understand that you need to give time to look around.
Or is there a way to make it as convenient as possible for a new client?

Waiting for you in the comments!

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