November 11, 2019

First Customer

Cameron Walker @cameron8

My transition from coder to salesman.

The idea that the product would just sell itself was far from true. Even though I had a working product and some demo videos, every single person who showed interest in the product would email me before purchasing.

I was initially so bad that I missed the first email. It took me 8 days to respond because I wasn't actively monitoring the emails. At that point, I received no response back and was left wondering what would have happened if I had responded within 24 hours.

The second email to come in only took me 4 hours to respond, and resulted in my first sale @ $99!

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Today's Top Milestones
  • First TikTok video
    Nowadays I'm trying to explore marketing options for user acquisition and I've read a bit about TikTok and it's amazing userbase. Decided I will give