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Forget search ads; we've got word of mouth!

Yesterday I saw the first signup from a dealer from a store that's not using our point-of-sale product (https://quailhq.com). Ever since we launched Sandpiper I've been peeking at every user that signs up, and this is the first one I'd noticed who hadn't linked her Quail vendor account. I shot her an email asking why and offering to help, and she replied back with a very confused "what's Quail?"

As it turns out, she's friends with a dealer in a different store (one where they do use Quail!) and her friend found Sandpiper so useful that she's been recommending it to all the other dealers she knows. That's a kind of viral marketing that, as far as I know, you literally can't pay for.

A few more of those and we'll really be in business!

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    Congrats, first signs of finding your super fans 🙌

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