September 2, 2019

πŸš€ Sane soft-launch

Alin @buildersof

After a few last minute changes and bug fixes, the MVP version for Sane has been sent for review, approved and now it's ready in the Google Play Store.

Download link πŸ‘‰

This version has two guided journaling routines and a quick and simple way to jot down your daily thoughts.

🌞 Morning Journal - a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for a new day and have a positive vibe throughout the day

πŸŒ™ Night Journal - a step-by-step guide to help you unwind and reflect on your day

βž• Daily thoughts - a simple and quick way to jot down whatever you want during your day

The official launch is still some months away, but I wanted to share the very first version to get some feedback - so I would love if you would hit the comment button with your ideas about Sane.

πŸ™ Thank you for all your support and let us chat soon!

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