August 27, 2019

Built MVP and Landing Page and requesting feedback

Yash Ambardekar @yash_ambardekar

I built the MVP of my product as well as a landing page using and I am now looking for feedback on the product. A few things I'm curious about are:

1.) What do you think the product does (goal: is my landing page effective in communicating this?)

2.) Which teams in a company do you think would benefit most from this, and who would be the one to pull out the credit card to purchase the subscription? (goal: validating my assumption)

3.) How should I price this? My goal here is to make it a no-brainer for a company of any size to say yes to this.

4.) Any general feedback on the landing page and product?

5.) If you know any companies or teams that would be early adopters, who do you think that'd be?

I really appreciate any help! And I'm always willing to help others with their products too--so please don't hesitate to reach out.

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