September 14, 2019

Refactored landing page

Chris Draycott-Wheatley @chrisdwheatley

The first version of the Saviour homepage was lacking so it feels good to have a new, improved homepage showcasing some of Saviour's features.

Primarily it adds more about the benefits Saviour can have when tracking your no spend month and more information on what a no spend month is for those who are unfamiliar.

The page still needs work, especially some visual additions and more details on the features Saviour offers but it's certainly an improvement over its predecessor.

Saviour hit ~30 users after a singe post on the /r/nobuy subreddit. I gained some invaluable feedback and have learnt a lot since posting.

The next aim is to add the goals & milestones features to allow people to set themselves challenges and track progress. Alongside this I'll be starting to think about monetisation and marketing.

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