October 28, 2020

Late October updates and the self-service release

Oleg Kulyk @kami4ka

Greetings to all.
We've no posted here for a while because of a lot of long-term things we're currently working on, but we're proud to announce our self-service admin panel 🔥

We've used RapidAPI for the last several months to provide our API and currently, our users are able to try our service by using our own self-service portal without adding any payment information and with minimal and simple registration flow.
Hopefully, it will help us to increase the conversion rate and bring us more insights about customer needs and improve the interaction 🎃

Currently self-service portal allows a customer to use our service for Free with 1000 API requests per month and it's really important for us because "Free Trial" is not really the thing we're happy with. We're planning to provide the paid service as well in the nearest future, but we should always be sure that our quality will meet the customer's expectations, so feel free to check it out (yep, it's really a free subscription plan with no payment info required, just click on any CTA button 🙃): http://scrapingant.com/

Today's Top Milestones
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  • Added new survey build feature
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  • Launched on PH
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  • [NEW MILESTONE] 4000+ Weekly Active Users
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  • 1500+ curated and qualified email marketing jobs
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  • Startup 4 Just Got a Whole Lot Better! 🥳
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  • Sapling is ready to go!
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  • Updated the copy on the home page
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  • WPDock Released!
    So today we released another ecosystem product for WP Git Updater. Its called WPDock and is a simple way to develop for WordPress locally using docker
  • 12+ Best Visual Studio Alternatives
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