November 7, 2019

Closed an entreprise customer after 2 months

Kevin Sahin @KevinSahin

Two months ago we jumped on a call with a potential customer. He was a project manager at a big firm (1000+ employees) and was exploring different possibilities to extract data from hard-to-scrape websites. 🐝

It was the biggest account we were talking to, the vast majority of our customers being small and medium businesses or even individuals for their side project.

🕰 After the first call, we scheduled another one a few weeks later. And they started integrating our API for their tests.

🎉 Then after a few more weeks and emails follow up, we closed them!

Even if it is not a big contract we learned a lesson here. Selling to large companies is much much slower than SMB / startups because they don't have the same time frame and processes.

🤯 There is bureaucracy, lots of management layers (Manager N needs approval from N+1...N+X)

What's your experience with selling to large companies?

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