September 28, 2019

Our first week searching for leads has just ended.

Pierre de Wulf @Daolf

Last week, we decided to try something we never tried before with any of our projects, we actively tried to search for leads.

Before that, all our existing customers were coming from either our multiple blog posts or other backlinks here and there across the web.

From day one, we thought that our ability to actively and "manually" bring customers from the outside world was a key to the sustainability of our business.

So we tried.

We first decided to define 3 targets group, 2 of them were built upon asomption we had about our potential customers. The third one was made of competitors of our existing clients.

We read a lot about marketing automation, cross channel selling and so-on, but we decided to first do a "Marketing Strategy MVP" and do everything by hand. We will soon automate parts that work well and continue to improve parts that do not.

Our strategy was really simple:

    1. Find leads in Linkedin thanks to our free month of Sales Navigator
    1. Ask to connect with a simple "Hello, ..." message, we don't talk about ScrapingNinja
    1. If accepted, 1 day later, try to add them on Twitter
    1. If accepted, 2 days later, reach out for them with a nice personalized message just asking to talk with them.

And here are our results:
👋Connection requests: 212 🤔
🤝Accepted: 45 🧐
📱Call scheduled: 8 😊
🤞Interested leads: 3 😁
💰Deals signed: 0 😔

We have mixed feelings about this first week but are decided to continue to improve this strategy until it finally works.

And you? Please tell how did you do searching for leads for the first time?

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