Unveiled Scrintal's WHY

I've worked in business development and sales positions my entire career. I've always enjoyed the human interaction and the close relationships I've built in my career.

One thing where I've struggled (and keep struggling) is with converting my information clutter into applicable knowledge – something I could utilise in my sales efforts and personal development.

I've read and listened a ton of stuff, browsed thousands of websites, bookmarked several Twitter threads or LinkedIn articles. Sure, I read a lot but I felt as if I could never really make good use of those resources, highlights, notes that I took.

It felt so frustrating to spend so much time on getting all this information but not doing anything creative with it. To spend more time doing doing mundane, manual tasks – less time doing the creative.

My co-founders, one being a PhD student back then and one a software engineer seemed to experiencing similar issues. So we got together to build not just a tool but a movement that will make knowledge more accessible, open and connected. So more people can learn from each other and contribute to moving our society forward (hopefully!).

Scrintal's first version will make it easier to connect more of your thoughts to create coherent & clear findings in your research, work, studies, startups, freelance work – wherever is necessary.

In short, you'll be able to create visual notes, organise your info from several sources, and connect your thoughts in one place.

Our plan is to kickstart beta testing in January. Those who have joined our waitlist will have a priority pass including free usage, access before the official launch and become part of a private community of like-minded enthusiasts.

If this sounds like something you can relate to, feel free to take a look and let me know what you feel about it. It is all about experimenting and testing so your advice and feedback would be highly appreciated.

I'll keep sharing our journey over here 🚀



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