December 18, 2019

From 0 to 1000 users in 6 months.

Tim Madden @trike

It's been roughly 6 months since launch and last night we achieved a significant milestone in our journey, 1000 users.

Before we started, we outlined some goals to help us achieve success. The first goal was 100 users in 6 weeks, and 1000 users in 6 months. While these seemed somewhat arbitrary numbers at the time, they were really beneficial in helping us focus and create specific methods to achieve them. You can get lost pretty quickly in a startup with a lot going on so having very specific goals is important.

The main source of traffic which has led to the most conversions has been mentions in niche specific newsletters/blogs. The conversion rate is incomparable to anything else we tried, and we tried lots of avenues.

Our product is quite different to the product that we had in our minds eye when we started out. It's a culmination of experience and user feedback and it's a much better product as a result. Grow your product with real users, not the vague ideas in your head.

From here we will build a paid plan with features that our free users have been asking for with the expectation that people will be willing to pay for those services. We have feedback that indicates this but what people say and what people do can be entirely different scenarios.

Our ultimate goal is to get to 100,000 free users and 1,000 paid users. By the end of 2020 we'd like to see 10,000 free users and 100 paid users. This would be an amazing result, but we can't continue to do the things we are doing and expect to get those numbers, they are way beyond the capability of our current strategy.

We need to look at partnerships with people/companies in our niche (cyber security) who already have a large user-base that we can take advantage of to increase our user-base more rapidly with the same amount of effort. We need to provide value to these companies not just take value from them. So instead of just asking to be featured in their newsletters or blogs, we are coming up with content that we can provide them that will be valuable to their user-base.

Thanks Indie Hackers, you've been a big part of us getting to 1000 and I hope to be writing another significant milestone here this time next year.

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