November 25, 2019

We built a second sign-up process

Tim Madden @trike

So much effort goes into getting users to come to your site and check out your product. It's demoralising to see 1% conversion rates from different referrers. So we sat down and thought of another way to get people introduced to our product that would increase conversion rates.

Secalerts is a service that alerts users to software vulnerabilities matched to their software stack. It's hard to capture people's attention with an elevator pitch like that. We needed a way to show people how it can relate to them in a much easier manner.

So instead of people discovering our site, reading about it, signing up and entering their software to see results, we made a scanner that takes their url and automatically detects some of their stack and shows them their previous 6 months of vulnerabilities without entering anything. We hoped they would then continue with the signup process after seeing value.

Also, sending a link that's, 'Hey check out' we could send a link like this 'Hey check out our audit tool' (Inserting their own url). We thought this would make people more engaged from the outset.

It worked... kind of.

We are seeing ~7% conversion from the audit tool and ~1% from news article traffic.

This is still nowhere near the ~20% conversions we saw from niche newsletter traffic and we get ~8% conversion from the home page when people do land there, but it was still a successful exercise and maybe some inspiration for someone to think a bit differently about getting people's attention.

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