December 19, 2019

Christmas Indie Hackers Challenge Day 2/7

Chris Kinniburgh @CJKinni

Short day! I had about 50 minutes to work on it!

Goal: Get payment integration complete. Improve look and feel of site. Decide on branding.

I did okay today. I got integration with Stripe complete. Implementing one time payments with Stripe Checkouts is way easier than doing a complete subscription payment flow. Having already worked with Stripe a few times now, their documentation is starting to make a lot of sense. I wish I had started with one time payments, then moved to subscriptions. That would have made's payment flow implementation a lot easier.

I added some additional functionality, letting the 'host' creating the Secret Santa event provide some additional information. It's still very basic -- when you want to setup a Secret Santa, you type in your name, email, and each of your participants' names and phone numbers. Then, you can add a short sentence or two letting people know when the event is taking place, and what the budget is.

I also purchased I have yet to get it setup.

The webpage is still just raw, unstyled HTML forms. But with the form input, Stripe payment, and Twilio SMS messaging all working, all that's left is polish. I suspect there's two big areas for the next few days:

  • Styling the site and adding visual flourishes.
  • Adding some error handling -- checking for valid emails and phone numbers mainly.

Good luck everyone!

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