December 18, 2019

Decided to join the 7 day Christmas Challenge

Chris Kinniburgh @CJKinni

I was thinking of creating this as a product for next Christmas, but when @tropianhs suggested that indiehackers try and do a project in 7 days, I was on board.

I came up with a rough plan for the week:

Plan for December 17 - Get basic functionality built so it's core functionality is working, along with any admin interfaces needed.

Plan for December 18 - Get payment integration complete. Improve look and feel of site. Decide on branding.

Plan for December 19 - Finalize look and feel of site. Finalize Branding. Buy domain.

Plan for December 20 - Launch, implement improvements based on feedback, run first AB test.

Plan for December 21-24 - Small improvements, promotion, evaluation.

Wish me luck!

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