May 25, 2020

Fully working MVP in staging environment

Paweł Bojanowski @hidalgopl

First, hello to Indie Hackers community! I'm Paweł, backend dev from Warsaw, and together with my friend, who happens to be front-end master, we are building SecureAPI.
Our product is basically command line tool, which checks potential security issues in your web backend REST API. It's really simple, as it's one binary file which requires configuration no longer than 3 lines in YAML. I encourage you to check out!
It's called sailor:

Once it's done with testing your API (usually under 3 seconds), you'll get a link to the page which shows failed tests. And ready solution how to fix those with explanation of why they failed.
As it's really portable it is well suited to use it both locally and in CI/CD.

On our side, we are ensuring that the tests follow up to date best practices, so you don't need to.

Building it was really good learning experience: CLI tool is written in Go, as well as worker microservice in our cloud. Rest, mostly backend part is written in Python, with Django Rest Framework as web backend and pure Python for test saving component. We use NATS as a connecting technology, I encourage you to check it out, as it's great and is the best tool to connect microservices in today's world. Frontend is written in React. What I like the most is the fact that we use our product to test our backend API in CI/CD!

MVP is almost ready, we need to polish few things on front end side, before launching production environment.
I cannot give you a date right now, as we both have full time jobs and we code SecureAPI after-hours.
We postpone deploying production yet, because staging environment cost us 0.22$ per month, so we need to make sure that everything is ready before spending on production servers:) that's why is not active yet.

But I encourage you to check our blog on and stay tuned!

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