November 9, 2019

1.2k page visits - open stats - content marketing

Medium and Indie Hackers are our top 2 referrals on One Profile.

One Profile Page Stats

I started blogging on Medium about a month ago where I share One Profile's journey, tech stack, and updates. So far, I'm still gaining traffic from it. The tech stack's story brought a lot of views. I believe the views will improve as I write more content.

I'm very fortunate to have Indie Hackers and to be part of this community. Whenever I post something, I'm bound to get a reply from someone. Be it on the post itself or from private DM. Being active and sharing with others brings a ton of goodness to myself and also to my app.

Also, I have recently migrated from Google Analytics to using Simple Analytics in an effort to become more privacy-friendly. Simple Analytics is great and I personally like the way the stats are presented. If you'd like to give it a try, here's my referral link for a 37 days free trial. I got mine from a friend's referral too

You can view our open stats by viewing our about page here

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

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