November 26, 2019

100 About Pages Created!

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

It is definitely not easy to market a product. When I first began, I thought that by dropping my product link and a short pitch at community websites like Reddit, Product Hunt, Quora, Discord/Slack groups would be enough to generate reasonable traction. Apparently, I was very wrong. Nothing really happened when I did that. There are literally hundreds of products launching every day and to stand out, dropping a link and a pitch wouldn't be enough. I realized I needed to do better.

Websites and articles like,, helped me learn a lot on how to market a product. I'm trying my best to follow each guide and with each checkbox ticked, I can see things are slowly unfolding. I have a couple of hundred users but it took a while to have 100 profiles created.

Sharing my lessons learned:

  1. Content marketing is a slow but really great way to generate leads
  2. Be helpful in communities by sharing what you've learned and be engaged

I'm building a webpage builder where you can create beautiful and modern about pages for yourselves and for just about anything else e.g. your pets, projects, besties, hiking group, etc. Create your page for free at

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