January 7, 2020

Love from Redditors

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

I posted on Reddit/r/sideproject and /r/darkmode yesterday and the responses were pretty good. Here are what some of them said about oneprofile.info

"Personally I think it is great, as a consumer I love it."

"QR code is a cool feature, I can see putting it on my business cards and telling people to scan my code to set up a meeting/call."

"Great work on shipping! It looks really good."

##When asked about One Profile's Dark Mode feature

"Its not amoled black darkmode but its so damn good lookin"

"I like it, definitely a 9/10 if not higher. I enjoy the little glow you added around each column on the page, actually the only thing I would change it maybe make it a little darker, but other than that everything’s good. It’s very reminiscent of Twitters dark mode, which I absolutely love. Great colors!"

Here are the /r where it all happened 👇



Would you like to build your own personal webpage or an about page for your brands? If you would, please do give oneprofile.info a try!


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