January 5, 2020

New Updates โ€” QR Code, Contact Form & more ๐ŸŽ‰

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

I have made a few updates to One Profile recently. Here's the best part:

alt text

As you might've noticed from the above picture, I got a QR code in which if you scan it, you will be brought to my One Profile page. Pretty neat feature, right? Funny that I had just thought of implementing QR code only now.

I was actually at a friend's wedding the other day and have met up with old mates from college. One of them then asked about One Profile so, I wanted to show him my profile page as an example. But to get to my profile page was quite a hassle. I have to open Chrome and type my link on the search bar (which takes some time to do). And if I wanted him to open it up on his phone, I had to either ask him to type the URL himself or ask for his phone and do it for him- which might not be appropriate if he wasn't a friend. That's when the idea of a personal QR code came to mind. With a QR code, I can just simply show my code, he scans it-bam, done.

Another feature that I threw in is Contact Form on personal profiles. Now, visitors to your page can easily send you a message using that form and you'll get their message directly to your email inbox. Of course, if you'd prefer a chat widget on your page, you can link your Chatra ID instead. I have also included an option for you to insert your scheduling link e.g. Calendly link to your page. You can find this option on the Edit Profile page. Once you've saved your link, you'll see a button with a calendar icon on your profile page.

alt text

While cooking up these features, I did some housekeeping on the website too. Your page might seem cooler than usual with the new buttons on the top and certain parts of the editing page are more organized (I'd like to think so!)

That's it for now ๐Ÿ˜Ž If you have any suggestions or feedback, just drop by my One Profile page and hit me up on the chat widget. I'm almost always there.


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