Started monetizing Aug 1, daily revenues up 172%!

Over the last few months I've built a site that ranks organically for terms that HRTech buyers are searching by creating high quality, niche content that I know a lot about from my previous startup where I was actually building an HRTech business.

Last week, on August 1st, I started allowing HRTech vendors to start PPC campaigns on our site. Day one we did $22 of revenues. Day 2 I woke up and we'd already done $30, and by the end of the day we'd done $60!

I've learned that selling high intent eye balls to marketers is actually not that hard. This is why most b2c brands have existing affiliate programs that just about anyone can plug into.

b2b is a bit different in that tracking the sale through completion can be challenging given the time it takes to close many deals. Thus, affiliate programs are not that common. However, these marketing teams are interested in buying CPC ads that are relevant to them. You just have to sell these one a one off basis.

My next challenge is building an auction engine on my site so that my currently under priced CPC ads eventually reach an efficient price that reflects the value of my traffic!

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    This is great!! congrats!!!

    Love the concept - probably a niche space, but you could do very well with little effort.

    • What do you need to do to get to your next milestone?
    • What would it take to get to $1k a day? How big do you think this thing could get?
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      Thanks :)

      $1k/day would mean a ton more high intent search traffic, along with a lot more advertisers.

      My next milestone is getting an advertiser to renew for the next month.

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    Awesome progress! I think that PPC campaign progress is the most exciting part of this update.

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      Thanks Yash!

      What I also learned is that I needed to build the search traffic first...which probably should've been a milestone I posted before this one :)

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    How do you find advertisers? How much traffic do you have?

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      I just found them through the HR software I was already highlighting on the site.

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