GitHub down again? Why not try a Hosted Gitea box?

Sooooooooooo it seems like GitHub is down every other day lately. If only there was a service that allowed you to run your own private Gitea server but without all the hassle of deploying and maintaining it yourself. Geez wouldn't that be wonderful. 😉

I just dropped the price from $37 to $24 so get in quick!


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    Hmmm... I work with Github on a daily basis, never experienced it's down.

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        Well, I see now it may happen but...
        Github is pretty old and might company, having a lot of resources (hardware, software, people) so I believe every incident will be investigated carefully and something will be improved or fixed.
        So, what is a warranty your service will be better?

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          There is no warranty, but you get to speak to a real, accountable human when you need to.

          Github is Budweiser and Hosted Gitea is a craft beer, where you can shoot the breeze with the brewer. Not everybody likes craft beer and that's totally ok with me!

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            There is no warranty,
            If there is no warranty, I don't see why your service has more value.

            but you get to speak to a real, accountable human when you need to.
            Do I really need? It's a question of organization no the quality of the service. If your service will be down 5 times in a week, do I need a human?

            Github is Budweiser and Hosted Gitea is a craft beer,
            Hmmm not sure what makes you say so. The comparison is pretty incorrect because here is just a matter of quality of the service, not something like customization or high design.

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              Do I really need?

              No, it sounds like Hosted Gitea is not for you.

              The service will certainly not be down 5 times in a week, but that is beside the point. Some people find value in a service that is run by human beings who respect their privacy, rather than a faceless corporation. Some people like being able to speak to a person when they need something. It sounds like this is not something that is of value you, and that's all good. No worries.

              I absolve you of the requirement to become a Hosted Gitea customer and give you my permission to continue to use GitHub forever more.

              Thank you for your questions, and for your time. 🙏

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    Good sales pitch... 👍😎

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