Wrote a bunch of articles

I spent the day writing a ton of new content for the Hosted Gitea blog. I wrote articles on Gitea Docker installation and setup and self-hosting a Git repo over SSH and a cool hack to show the current git branch in your terminal prompt. I also did some research and wrote a review of the various self-hosted git options available today.

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    Bug?: The link for website icon at www.indiehackers.com/product/self-hosted-git is going to selfhostedgit.com (dead link).

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    Hi. I see Gitea in DO marketplace. How's that going? How does the monetization work?

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      Hello! Gitea is an open source project that is completely independent. What Hosted Gitea offers is the service of hosting a Gitea instance. The DO marketplace option is a similar offering - they will host Gitea for you. I have nothing to do with Gitea or Digital Ocean. I built Hosted Gitea.

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        Ah! Thanks. I saw Gitea on DO which reminded me that I had seen it mentioned on IH ... which led me to you. Thanks for enlightening me. Hope all going well for you.

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