August 23, 2019

Released my app "Selflog" on App Store


I'd never developed application. But I learned about developing on the internet by myself. And I'm finally done building my application. Before releasing I'd finished building it twice.

At first the app was completed in June. I used the CoreData and Firestore for DB for my app. But it was not user-friendly. So I decided to modify the system.

Next the app was completed again in July. I used the Realm and CloudKit for DB for my app. It was user-friendly. And I developed a function of auto-renewing subscriptions. And I submitted it to Apple for the first time. But my app was rejected. Apple demanded to change a subscription system of my app into non-renewing subscriptions. I sent some messages to Apple reviewer and explained the reason why my app needed auto-renewing subscriptions. But my all my offers were rejected. So I needed to modify my app.

At that time it's a tough time. I was so shocked. But I never gave up. I learned about Apple review and auto-renewing subscriptions on the internet. And I found the way that might enable me to overcome the problem. And I started modifying my app again.

And at last my app "Selflog" was released on August 13th on Apple store. The app has a function of auto-renewing subscriptions. And I used the Realm and Realm Platform for DB for it. I was so moved and my heart pulsed with pleasure.