January 9, 2020

Getting my hands dirty


Puf! Just got the domain SelfServiceApps.com (what do you think, any good?)? I’m setting up the website as we speak. All this while finishing the first couple of apps and blogposts. Yes, this is hard work, but is nothing compared to what’s next: finding customers.

This is the first time I’ll be going to the market with something that is already known by the target audience. So that saves some serious time on market research. The main challenge will be to keep the apps very simple while giving enough power and features to the customers to get them on board. If these apps are any good and they keep their promise, all I must do is sit, wait and enjoy the miracle of self-service. :-)

Just kidding, I’m a firm believer of great personal service. Self Service is just a way of freeing up time on your “happy path” so you can dedicate a killer personal service to the edge cases. I already have a great support team at one of my other businesses, so they might help a little during start-up. Maybe that’s too much cheating. We’ll see...

We’re digressing from the part on finding my first customers. Perhaps because I haven’t really given it much thought. Hmmm, that might be a bad sign, right?

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