January 9, 2020

Welcome to 2020


First of all: I wish you the best 2020 with great health and may you surpass all your indiehacker goals.

For me, 2020 started with a disaster: the idea of starting yet another project. Yes, I KNOW, this is the absolute worst thing I could do. But this one has a twist. I'll be hacking it big time as I'm just creating a more mature version of some popular demos of another project.

Buildingblocks.io allowed me to create and maintain no-code systems at record speed and scale. But it is a poorly monetized and very technical open-source project. I could try to create a generic UI on top of it and try to sell that, but that would cost a fortune and delay any other progress by years.

So why not take the most successful demo’s and make bite-size apps out of these? I truly believe they can help many small businesses worldwide grow significantly and hopefully your indiehacker adventure as well. Try it out while its’s free.

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