September 6, 2019

The power of NO

Denis Grammakov @grammakov

With all the noise and all the opportunities out there, it's really hard to say NO to new features because you have no idea what's actually going to work. Nevertheless, saying NO is the most important thing a startup founder can do (one of) as you can easily get caught up in the YES-es and drive your startup off your main course. I've been saying a lot of NOs these days, and I do feel like it slowly starts yielding positive results.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Hit $2,000 MRR from 300 paying subscribers!
    Big milestone for the two of us at Plausible Analytics today! We've just hit $2,000 MRR from 300 paying subscribers with our s
  • Trending as #1 repo on GitHub over the weekend! 🔥
    After Addy Osmani tweeted about our app on Twitter last Thursday, there was a lot of nois
  • MVP release
    Today I am happy to announce that KnowEthereum is live and available to the public! It took me a bit longer than expected as I wanted to make sure tha
  • Technology investment, blog, and COVID stuck 🐜
    Our blog section becomes alive ❤️ And even some articles were at the main of HackerNews. 🤓 Blog writing is a pretty goo
  • First paying customer
    Would you believe it. I had my first 1000 signups recently for my other product Proxies API and now I get my first one for TeraCrawler(https://teracra
  • Reached 100 Sign-Ups
    It's been a few days since the launch of Focused: To-Do Lists, Tasks & Reminders. I have announced the app to family a
  • What’s New!
    Ducalis Monthly Release Notes 🤩WOW! What a hot release note! Three new integrations! Meet Ducalis with Asana, Trello, and Yandex.Tracker. Also RICE S
  • Finally came up with a name and logo
    Earlier I had called it SiteABlaze and even made a weird looking (in hindsight) logo for it. I woke up sweating in the middle of the night yesterday a
  • Update and future tools!
    Pushed a small UI update along side a number of bug fixes. I received feedback from some early users about tools/features they are looking for and am