January 17, 2020

Outsourcing an MVP (Software House)

Romain Brabant @rb242bs

It took me four years to finally make some time and think about my MVP. During that time, I was solving my SEO issues working with the best talents and agencies. Still, I was not satisfied with the ROI (I had results, but the profit made by those efforts barely cover the cost of outsourcing my SEO). However, I was learning a lot and trying some systems/strategies on my own that were really delivering, but hard to sustain without the proper tool.

This shape, even more, the foundations of the MVP of SEOBUDDY.

At that time, I had more money than time and decided to "skip the line" and outsource my MVP to a Software House for an indecent amount of money for a startup that didn't raise money and was actually "bootstrapped" by his founder.

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