January 17, 2020

Project killed - a costly lesson.

Romain Brabant @rb242bs

It took five months to the Software House to burn all my investment. The trap was set adequately from Day 1, project manager using 30% of the budget for UX/UI Design in the first month. And then working tirelessly on the development with weekly calls to confirm everything is on track.

Two months after UX/UI phase, I started to worry seriously about the milestone while being extremely careful not to fall in the trap to add "more features" to my MVP. I didn't want the blame on me in case of a delay. But the project manager was telling me not to worry as they were confident everything was at it should.

Finally, after five months, the Software House explain to me that "I" underestimate the MVP (even though I paid a scooping session to assess as best as "we" could the scope of work of this MVP "together").

To the question: "Could you finish the MVP for 10%, 20%, 30% extra budget" their answer is "NO," well then "100% > NO," so "How much > we don't know!"

Finally, they definitively lost me when their founder explained to me that "time is money, and I should raise the capital to finish my idea since I already invested too much in this."

Gutted, I decided to put to the graveyard this project.

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