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Trying to scratch my own itch

October 27, 2020 Launched on ProductHunt

Today we did our first launch on ProductHunt for a side product we recently launched to keep the light ON. 💡

223 UpVote
378 Visitors
27 Transactions


PS: my launch on BetaList bring 303 Visitors, but I had to pay the $199 listing fee to make 12 Transactions (and breakeven) while launching on BetaPage cost me $105 and was a total waste of $$$ with 47 Visitors and 0 Transaction.

May 21, 2020 Published our first Lead-Gen Blog Post

Discover the power of a Competitive Analysis today! Understand why and how your Competitive Landscape can help you to unveil the most promising SEO opportunities - in only 15 min. Please share your feedback.

Now it's time to eat our own dog food and rank this on the first page of Google for the keyword "Competitive Analysis" using SEO Buddy for our Link Building Campaign.

January 30, 2020 Our first paid User

Today we got our first Paid user! A 100% non-affiliated customer (not family related, not a friend). To be honest, I cried with joy.

So much pressure release to finally know that we are on the track to have build something that people actually want to use.

Also, now we know our first Buyer Persona is "Marketing Director" of "SME/Startup" of "50+ employees" who "raised 5+ million".

January 15, 2020 Now it's showtime!!!

The funnel of our "Free Trial" is now fully completed, and our core features now fit our definition of an MVP, we decided that we can finally start to accept payment from our prospective users.

It's now time to ramp up user acquisition and to collect more and more data to work on our buyer personas.

August 20, 2019 MVP Soft Launch during Startup School

Even though I knew about the famous quote: "If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late", I keep on postponing a launch. But the first video of StartupSchool about the definition of a "Minimum Viable Product" and "Talk to your users" was the wake-up call I needed to finally launch our duct-taped Minimum Viable Product. And finally, start collecting lead and talking to our prospective user. We're not accepting payment yet and using this MVP to do a demo of our product during our prospective user interview.

July 17, 2017 Setting up my dream team

After eight-month, SEO was still prominent in all my endeavors.

I keep thinking about SEOBUDY, and it's naturally that like the phoenix, it rose from the ashes to have its second chance of having a working MVP.

But this time, I will do differently (no more software house).

So I set up my dream team; this starts with hiring a Senior Developer. The way it always worked for me in the past.

I didn't want to salvage anything from the Software House, so we started again from scratch, looking at a blank canvas.

Motivated and full of dreams.

November 10, 2016 Project killed - a costly lesson.

It took five months to the Software House to burn all my investment. The trap was set adequately from Day 1, project manager using 30% of the budget for UX/UI Design in the first month. And then working tirelessly on the development with weekly calls to confirm everything is on track.

Two months after UX/UI phase, I started to worry seriously about the milestone while being extremely careful not to fall in the trap to add "more features" to my MVP. I didn't want the blame on me in case of a delay. But the project manager was telling me not to worry as they were confident everything was at it should.

Finally, after five months, the Software House explain to me that "I" underestimate the MVP (even though I paid a scooping session to assess as best as "we" could the scope of work of this MVP "together").

To the question: "Could you finish the MVP for 10%, 20%, 30% extra budget" their answer is "NO," well then "100% > NO," so "How much > we don't know!"

Finally, they definitively lost me when their founder explained to me that "time is money, and I should raise the capital to finish my idea since I already invested too much in this."

Gutted, I decided to put to the graveyard this project.

June 1, 2016 Outsourcing an MVP (Software House)

It took me four years to finally make some time and think about my MVP. During that time, I was solving my SEO issues working with the best talents and agencies. Still, I was not satisfied with the ROI (I had results, but the profit made by those efforts barely cover the cost of outsourcing my SEO). However, I was learning a lot and trying some systems/strategies on my own that were really delivering, but hard to sustain without the proper tool.

This shape, even more, the foundations of the MVP of SEOBUDDY.

At that time, I had more money than time and decided to "skip the line" and outsource my MVP to a Software House for an indecent amount of money for a startup that didn't raise money and was actually "bootstrapped" by his founder.

May 1, 2012 Came up with my idea

I know it sounds cheesy, but the first time I heard about the "scratch your own itch" was while reading on a plane, the awesome book Rework by David Heinemeier and Jason Fried.

At that time, I was doing eCommerce and doing pretty well, and my biggest problem was to stay consistent in my SEO effort to improve my ranking. How to have an efficient and proven strategy to replicate for each keyword I wanted to serve?

The idea for SEOBUDDY was born!


Trying to scratch my own itch