September 23, 2020

Venturing in the land of SEO

Catalin Ionescu @catalinionescu

My co-founder and I built various products over the years. Recently, we built Organisely, an appointment management system for beauty salons and dentists. We've seen moderate growth so far (all word-of-mouth) but realised that we don't have a strong Founder-Market fit with the CRM business.

My co-founder is a senior data engineer and I am a senior web engineer. SEO tools are known to be either expensive or incomplete when used as free tools. A complete SEO audit might force you to use a handful of free tools, a few paid ones, generate spreadsheets, use python scripts to merge them and many other steps.

We'll deal with all of these steps and make the most complete SEO tool out there affordable for Small Businesses.

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    Shoot me up with SEOly. I will be glad to give you feedback on it.