Got 💯 sales!

Around 9 months ago I started to sell a SaaS boilerplate on Gumroad and it's now been sold 105 times. Besides that, it has 15 sales on AppSumo and I recently launched a yearly subscription plan that now has 40 subscribers.

Besides the boilerplate itself, you now also get access to a private dashboard that has a ton of great resources for SaaS founders. With all the improvements and new additions to the package, it's almost time to launch a 2.0 version and see if it can get some more traction.

I wrote a more detailed post about how I went from $2k profit in a whole year to $2 profit in just a week. You are interested in my learnings you can read it here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/how-i-went-from-2k-in-a-year-to-2k-in-a-week-f7eeaa115e

To celebrate, you can use this link to get 50% off on the lifetime license: https://jakeprins-nl.gumroad.com/l/serverless-saas/100-gumroad-sales

Serverless SaaS Promo

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    Interested to know what sort of marketing you did to sell your yearly subscription?

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      To be honest I haven't done much to market the yearly subscription.

      The yearly subscription is priced a lot lower, which makes the risk smaller to try it out. If you discontinue your project in the first year, you could simply cancel the subscription and move on with only paying 99 dollars. If you do continue your project (after a year), that means you probably got some traction and are maybe even making money with it. Paying 99 a year is not that much for a SaaS business.

      Also, I added a dashboard with resources for SaaS founders which members get access to.

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    Many congratulations ✌️

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    Note that this image is not loading on your landing page:


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      Thanks, and thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it asap;)

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    Congrats! How did you do marketing to get those sales?

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      To be honest, I haven't done much marketing, but I did make a project called SidePage (https://sidepage.co/) which is a free documentation tool bootstrapped with Serverless SaaS. I launched it on Product Hunt and got lots of people trying it out. Inside the product, I link to the SaaS boilerplate and mention that it's bootstrapped with Serverless SaaS.

      Besides that, I just posted it on PH, Indiehackers, and some other sites. I made a list of places where you can list your product: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/85-places-to-post-your-startup-e59a2b77f8

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