January 4, 2020

Launched our product to first degree contacts!

Jordan Morrison @StoicBean

We've spent the last 23 months working on developing the Setlist MVP. In hindsight, it's taken us too long to get something out there. But sooner is better than later I guess.

We have 417 website visitors and 158 registered users to date.

The first version of Setlist is a web app built using node.js, react.js and firebase. It connects user's music streaming services together and our algorithms then analyse the groups collective listening history to create perfectly curated playlists for any crowd in seconds.

The vision for Setlist is to solve group music. Have you ever found yourself arguing with friends over what music to play together? Well that's because choosing music to play together in groups is currently done through guesswork and intuition. Well no more.

Our solution leverages music streaming service data to find commonalities in any group's music. Interested? Try it for yourself now at www.setlist.ie

We are currently talking to users and improving the product. Our goal is to have 5,000 registered users and 5 paying customers by April 2020.

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