September 4, 2019

Growth 0

Mantas Stankevičius @stnkvcs

Two months since last update on July 4th. Nothing significant accomplished. Feeling down in the dumps.

A harsh ralisation sets in… today's Web audience will not stand for anything that's not interactable, "sign-in'able", and dynamic. While the MVP works, Setup Scout has to be drastically upgraded.

That means installing a user system that would let visotors sign-up, sign-in, edit their info, follow other users, like their stuff and—most importantly—be able to upload their own setups and tag their own items.

Without all this the process just can't scale.

What's worse, this will require funding. The one we don't have.

At the moment I'm trying to reach out to potential advertisers with a lucrative deal for early support. No bites yet.

Will try to keep you posted more often from now on. This will at least keeps me accountable to some degree.

P.S. Need to figure out a way how to keep posting to IG regularly. Almost at 1k followers. Schampagne at the ready…