March 29, 2020

Done the Dev part, can now focus on marketing

Philippe Khin @philippekhin

After a lot of iterations, endlessly adding, deleting and tweaking non-essential features, fix existing bugs, I finally released a stable version for SewaYou that is satisfying enough.

This will free me from focusing on the development of the product, and instead turn my focus on marketing and growth.

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    How do you market and grow a real life meet up app in this pandemic?

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      @emekaonu Thanks for asking!

      That's something I'm struggling too.
      But I didn't choose to build this app during this pandemic, it just hits and nothing to do about that 😅

      In a few months, hopefully when the situation get better, people can go back to their normal life.

      Also, it's a one-on-one meet up, so it's much more low risk than many people events-based like Meetup.

      Meanwhile, there is also an online Chat feature that you still can use to interact with people online 🙂

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        whether it's one on one meet up still it has a domino effect. Remember it all started with Patient #1.

        Having said that, good luck after the pandemic.

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          Yep true...!
          Thanks for the word of encouragement!