January 21, 2020

Q4 Progress Report Event

Shardus Association @Shardus

Each quarter we host an event in Dallas to present updates in the Shardus software to our community.

On Saturday we hosted our Q4 Progress Report Event at the Capital Factory in Dallas. Over 50 people attended the event and 54 people have watched the live stream on Twitter!

At our last event, we presented linear scalability in a distributed network built with Shardus. As we near the completion of the Shardus software we wanted to begin to show the types of applications that can be built with Shardus.

At our event we let users join a beta test of our MVP for www.liberdus.com, a decentralized messenger and payment network! It was so awesome to see the crowd's excitement for Liberdus.

Everyone was on their phones using the app like crazy sending messages, looking at how they could email other people through a Dapp and even friend request others.

Liberdus is more robust than any other decentralized wallet so it was very cool to see the crowd recognize that. Most importantly we saw many familiar and new faces which means our community is growing! Back to work to continue shipping!


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