May 29, 2020

First paying customer!

Dario @yapartase

We just launched the new version of, and someone has already decided to upgrade to Pro. I wasn't expecting to see a conversion this fast. After almost a year of development, it feels good knowing that someone is willing to pay for the product 😁.

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  • First signups for my SaaS partnership platform ✨
    Orbital went live just a few days ago and it's already had over 30 signups to the beta waitlist! Very happy with that. If you
  • 3rd and 4th Volunteer joined in
    Two new volunteers in one day! I'm very happy about this announcement. Juan manuel (juancho) Irigaray
  • Our referral program just went live!
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  • The day before launch
    I am going to open up EdgeNet( to the public tomorrow. Some of you already signed up for the beta and I am grateful. All that fee
  • Promote course on blog
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  • FlatGA 2.0 is live on ProductHunt!
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