May 23, 2020

A week without signups :(


Slack made some changes to their permission model and I had to make some changes to SharedBox. Took some days of back and forth to finally got changes approved. In those few days, new users couldn't signup to the service. Coincidentally, DenseDiscovery featured SharedBox in one of the days. Google analytics showed about 300 visits that I apparently lost.

Good news, things are fine now. By the way, wrote a passport strategy for the OAuth v2 flow

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Received lots of feedback with one post
    I've been trying to get user feedback for some time for and it looked like a hard thing to accomplish, since people usually don't wan
  • Crossed 2000 followers on Twitter!
    Just reached 2000 followers on the Deprocrastination brand account, finally. Wouldn't be nearly that far withou
  • Week 1 Done
    Backend: 1. prepared frontend and backend document, 2. checked and ran the account management code Frotend: 1. check list component is finished; 2. co
  • Sold 5 books after first day of releasing
    I am writing my whole marketing statergy here, till now. Please tell me more, if you have some. After releasing the book, i had created a Page for it
  • Change of Plans
    A change in plans. Literally and figuratively! We’re going to delete two of our plans. No more Free plan. No more Team plan. One plan, one (paid) subs
  • Serverless Headless CMS - Launched on Product Hunt
    It took us more time than planned to achieve this milestone, but I'm happy to report we are LIVE on PH as of today:
  • Launched on Indie Hackers
    Yesterday we launched PDF Restriction Remover on Indie Hacker. Here are three lessons I learned: Refine your website before launching. There were seve
  • 21,000 email subscribers!
    Hello Hello! Indie Hackers put on a group chat with with James Clear last year. I was lucky enough to get on the call. He was on 200k email subscriber
  • Got Listed on Capterra
    One of the funniest challenges that I had made a thing on the internet is getting publish over the different website to build the brand name - So toda