October 2, 2019

Month 1: September 2019 - Stats (+22 customers)

Bryan @indiebryan

So our first full month of being live on the Chrome webstore is now complete. I figured I would record some stats here so I can reflect and compare in my next post after October. I'll list some quick stats from my sales funnel first and then briefly describe my goals for this month.

First off, the product is Sheet Gurus SMS, which is an add-on within Google Sheets that allows you to easily send mass, dynamic text messages to your users, clients, team members, etc. The add-on is listed on the webstore and so far has had 0 marketing: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sheet-gurus-sms-send-text/caifjmaanhnclfninjjfhbmigekmkeeh?hl=en

The percentages to the right of each data point represent the percentage of users who accomplish each step of the funnel compared to the total number of users completed the previous step.

Quick stats*:
People who installed the add-on: 207
People who opened the add-on: 129 (62%)
People who sent at least 1 message: 79 (61%)
People who spent money on the add-on: 22 (28%)

*Since this is my first update ever, these numbers technically encapsulate from August 12th - now, which is 6 weeks. Each subsequent update will be 1 calendar month.

My plans for this month:

  • Implement Analytics tracking into the add-on so I can see where users might be having difficulties or dropping off. Right now I'm blind to user activity past them opening the add-on for the first time.

  • Improve the add-on capabilities, including improving my anti-spam rules to be more adaptable and dynamic. Currently the process of banning abusers and spammers is much more manual than it should be.

  • Adjust my pricing options. I think I will keep the same unit cost per message, but change the quantities users can purchase in. Right now over 70% of transactions have been for the largest quantity, which tells me I need to perhaps remove the lowest option and add a new highest option.

  • Improve my own admin dashboard to make managing the add-on and implementing changes easier, along with testing.

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