August 14, 2020

$300 in 1 hour

Richard O'Dwyer @richardindie

Just a quick reminder to be patient. The past two weeks I saw a lull in new paying customers for, despite having recently added some juicy new features.

Then out of the blue two new customers signed up to an annual plan within an hour. I guess that's how it goes some times.

This did make me realise I've no idea where those customers came from so next I'll set up some tracking for this.

Does anyone know any simple tools for that? (I want to see how they entered the site, what pages let to their ultimate signup, etc)

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    Thanks for sharing!

    HotJar is a tool that is easy to install, and free as long as you don't have too many users. It gave us really valuable insights.

    On the other hand, like most tracking solutions, it is blocked by a number of users.

    Mixpanel is also great but not so quick to setup and better for quantitative feedback, not qualitative feedback.

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    I love the landing page design. Well done :)

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    This is amazing! Congratulations 🎉

    It happens like that sometimes, things get slow and then all of a sudden it’s coming together- that’s the journey! Keep on improving the service and adding whatever features are needed though and don’t underestimate social media marketing and word of mouth. Talk to those customers too and maybe ask them to fill out a survey or jump on a call (this actually works, especially if you offer something) to help understand where they heard about your product, what they like and what could be improved. I’ve Ben signed up to companies that do this where the Founder gives out their personal number and is open to communication. were really good at this and their strategy got early adopters highly engaged. Did this too via email!

    These are the people who make or break a platform really so do seek them and their opinions/thoughts out. It’s great for the long run.

    I don’t really know anymore about the tracking strategies but I’m following along to hear what others have to say on it too 😊

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