November 5, 2019

Breaking the deployment loop

Atul Yadav @atulmy

As a freelancer, I've been developing front-end and back-end applications using popular technologies like React, NodeJS, MongoDB, etc. for various clients. It is exciting to work on the website and API as every client brings in new idea to work upon. However, once you finish coding, you gotta setup the could infrastructure and deploy. And iterate and re-deploy. The "DevOps" part especially is quite time consuming and could be easily automated. The idea was born out of this necessity to automate the DevOps piece of overall development life-cycle, which is a repeated, almost alike step for each project.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • First TikTok video
    Nowadays I'm trying to explore marketing options for user acquisition and I've read a bit about TikTok and it's amazing userbase. Decided I will give