December 30, 2019

A request to Santa

Artjom Vassiljev @artjom

So much has happened since the last update, but we're still missing the most important bit: a paying customer.

The initial version of the product was ugly and had minimal functionality. Everyone who signed up were abandoning the tool in mere seconds. These days we have users staying 30-50 minutes exploring the platform, building their product roadmaps, setting up integrations, but still none of them have converted. The fact that new users spend more time is inspiring, but zero conversion hits me really hard. And so the mood fluctuates.

This coming quarter I am focusing most of my time on trying to find that first customer and then increasing this number as much as possible.

Santa, can I ask you for 10 paying customers in the first quarter of next year? I'd be the happiest founder ever :-D

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