August 13, 2019

Set up analytics on the landing page

Artjom Vassiljev @artjom

We had very basic analytics on the landing page (just page hits), and after updating the page design, copy, and layout, conversions dropped to nearly zero.

The past few days I have been learning about Google Tag Manager and configured it. It's an amazing tool that I can recommend to anyone. I've included Google Analytics to track button clicks, HotJar to see the heatmaps, AdWords to track conversions, and finally I've configured Google Optimize to do A/B experiments with texts.

People keep saying that with less than 1-5K of visitors it's pointless to run A/B testing, however after talking to fellow founders, everyone said that even with 10 people there might be a point.

Now with the tools set up, next goal is to start optimizing the funnels and convert visitors to signups.

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