January 21, 2020

The first successful interview

Artjom Vassiljev @artjom

Since launching shipit I've been trying to conduct interviews with various people, both registered users and potential ones. What I'm trying to achieve with these is to figure out the exact target audience and how to approach them.

I'm building a product for product managers, people who communicate with clients, gather requirements, discuss these with the development team and management, create roadmaps. The problem is that people do it very differently, and many confuse a roadmap with a release plan. Some do planning entirely on their own while others talk to their teams, clients, and management. In every interview people were talking about completely different things and their approaches to planning. And they say (a collective term for various startup books and presenters in Startup School) that you have to do the interviews until you start to see the pattern. Well, today is the first day I saw a second person mentioning the problems we are trying to solve.

Two people is not much. But the answers they gave me are strikingly similar. The issues they face are almost the same. And I was told again that the tools for these processes are missing. I guess, hooray!

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