October 25, 2019

Built MVP

Lachlan Miller @shirabe

After trying what feels like every dictionary and spaced repetition app out there, I decided it was time to have a crack at the problem myself.

As a lifelong student of Japanese, I'm constantly looking up new words I've read in an article, or heard on a podcast. Problem is, if I don't hear them again, I forget them hours later.

My idea is a simple Japanese dictionary app that sends period reminders of words I've looked up recently.

The MVP is a simply a form that submits a query to an API, and shows the definition. It then gives me a notification of the word a few hours later, the next day, and the following day. This helps reinforce the meaning.

I hacked together a iOS app using the new SwiftUI in about a week, and started using it immediately. I've still got a lot of improvements to make, but the MVP is already serving me well!

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