December 2, 2019

More annotation tools + 30 weekly active users

Jamiu Oloyede @jamiuoloyede

In the month of November, we had progress with Shotmockr which I'll be revealing today.

What is Shotmockr

Shotmockr is a combination of Chrome extension and an editor for
instantly turning your screenshots or image into design mockup with little to no interaction.

It's free and you can download the extension from the link below:

Landing page:

Here are some of the things we achieved in November:

  1. The extension reached 30 weekly active users and also accumulated two five-star reviews on the Google Chrome store.

  2. We've added more annotation tools to the Shotmockr editor located at

They are:

=> Copy to clipboard
=> Emoji
=> Blur
=> Pen
=> and Arrow tool

We hope to finish and launch it before the end of this month.

If you're new to the app, don't forget to install the extension from Chrome store and please, let us know how to make it better.

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